Patch Placement

Snack / Dinner List


Find where to place your patches.  Links available for each level.

Snack list is for Daisy, Brownies and Juniors.  Every Girl will have one meeting during the year to bring a drink and snack for 15-20 people to share.  Please remember Peanut free.


Dinner List is for Cadette, Senior and Ambassadors.  Usually $3-$5 depending on the meal decided on when the girls started in September.

Need more information?  


Contact Ms Jamie:  518-817-6656




  Most Meetings are back to in person!!!


See the Calendar for the most up-to-date information!



Be Aware:

3/19 -Girl delivered orders must be turned off in Digital Cookie,  Direct ship orders can still be made through April 18th.  Please see your email for info and questions.


April 18th - Digital Cookie closes.


April 9th weekend- A camping trip for Juniors -Ambassadors is being planned for the weekend of April 9th. Keep an eye out for the email.


May 21-23 - Service Unit Encampment is still being planned(fingers crossed) This is for all levels.


5/24 - Investiture Rehearsal 

5/26 - Investiture Day